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In 2002, I began playing fantasy baseball and football totally by chance as a way to make new friends at my company.  I became instantly hooked, overly competitive, and learned a lot along the way to winning and sometimes not winning my fantasy leagues.  I began to write content and provide analysis to Brendan Roberts at Sporting News (now at ESPN) and it lead to two years of providing guest articles about fantasy baseball and football.  It was Brendan that gave me my nickname “The Sultan of Stats” and the name stuck. I then went on to write a weekly minor league column for Pro Fantasy Sports, and in 2007 created the Fantasy Sports Empires website, which features written articles and podcasts for both fantasy baseball and fantasy football. My niche is the creation of a fantasy football and fantasy baseball spreadsheet to help league managers prepare for their league drafts. I have expanded my Empire from podcasting into radio.  This is my sixth season as fantasy football commissioner of Atlanta’s top rock radio station (Rock 100.5 The Regular Guys Show) which features a number of celebrities. Please visit the website for details of the league mangers.  Each fantasy football season I can be heard each Wednesday morning at 8 AM ET for a weekly fantasy football segment on the T&A Morning Show in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I have also appeared recently on the SiriusXM fantasy sports radio show as a guest on Lenny Melnick’s fantasy baseball show. I am featured on the Fantasy Pros Website each season as one of the top 100 fantasy football and fantasy baseball experts. My latest achievement is serving as the secretary for the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association Executive Committee. Said FSWA President Mike Beacom, "I've known Jeff for many years and trust he will do a fantastic job for us." My primary duties as FSWA secretary are generating content for the FSWA website and FSWA social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook.  The best part of working for the FSWA is that I get to interview the top fantasy sports people in the business.  I’ve interviewed Alex Beckey of Baseball HQ, fantasy baseball legend Lenny Melnick, Dave Richard of CBS Sports, and Matthew Berry for his book “Fantasy Life.” In 2013, out of 133 Fantasy Football Experts, Fantasy Football Empire finished 16th overall in fantasy football draft accuracy.  In August 2014, Fantasy Football Empire hosted and played in the T&A Morning Show Fantasy Football League Live Draft in Myrtle Beach, SC. In 2015, it was announced that Fantasy Football Empire finished 8th overall out of 167 Fantasy Football Experts in fantasy football draft accuracy. Over the past 2 seasons, Fantasy Football Empire ranks 6th overall in fantasy football draft accuracy. 

In 2015, I received an invitation to play in Tout Wars. Tout Wars is the battle of the best fantasy baseball experts in the industry. It is an honor and a life long goal of mine to play in Tout Wars. I'm participating in Tout Was X which is an experimental league that is more structured towards daily fantasy baseball leagues. Each month I will be drafting a new team with a $300 salary cap. The team that has the most points at the end of the season will be crowned as league champion. Also in 2015, I received an invitation to play in Tout Wars Daily, hosted by FanDuel. I finished in the top 3 in phase 3 of the 5 phase contest and earned a spot in the finals on FanDuel on August 28th. 

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Over the past 2 years, Fantasy Football Empire ranks 6th overall in Expert Draft Accuracy. Link

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2014 DraftKings and FanDuel Daily Fantasy Football Accuracy Ranking: 17th out of 72 industry experts.

Over the past 2 years, Fantasy Football Empire ranks 6th overall in Expert Draft Accuracy in the Fantasy Football Industry.

2014 Fantasy Football Expert Draft Accuracy Ranking: 8th out of 167 industry experts.

2013 Fantasy Football Expert Draft Accuracy Ranking: 15th out of 167 industry experts.

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When it comes to fantasy football player rankings, sometimes understanding who to draft in your fantasy baseball and football league drafts isn't as easy as it seems. We offer assistance in both fantasy baseball and fantasy football drafting skills and in-season management.  Most of our clients have come close to winning their fantasy leagues, but have come up short. We're here to help you get your fantasy baseball and football skills back on the right track quickly and efficiently through spreadsheets, podcasts, and written articles.

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